We combine expertise and interpersonal skills We are committed to results and we are involved with you

The know-how of our consultants

What would exceptional expertise be without the same attention to others and the environment?
At TOPS Consult we are particularly receptive to the know-how of our consultants. This is the first criterion to join our company and to enjoy working there.
It is certainly a determining factor in the success of our missions and the loyalty of our clients.

Our values carry our commitment

They are built around this know-how that is so important to us and shared by our consultants.
“Going above and beyond for our clients”, to seek for the best profiles for each mission, to commit ourselves personally to the result, being involved from A to Z, to honour our commitments, to be able to give more than the contractual framework, to mobilize specific internal resources…we like to satisfy our clients so much that two out of three call on us again after a first project.

whatever the seniority our consultants, every day we learn from our clients! “helping you to do ” by bringing you our experience and expertise, but with respect for your teams, tour context and your challenges.
We are convinced that open mindness, sharing and co-construction are guarantee of performance.
We think in termes of operational solutions, implementation, practical tools and are committed on building confidence based on concrete and rapidly acquired results.
our proven methods do not prevent us from remaining motivated and flexible, we know how to adapt to deliver operational results.

Nos méthodes éprouvées ne nous empêchent pas de rester agiles et flexibles et savons nous adapter pour délivrer des résultats opérationnels.
“The caring approach”
We know all too well how tough the business world can be at times to be considerate, attentive and caring for colleagues and clients.
trusting in the first place, respecting what our clients already haves, accepting differences, showing solidarity in the event of hardship, these are all attitudes that are dear to our hearts and that often make life and business a little easier!