Marketing & innovation / digital transformation & AI

Differentiate and structure your offer/Trigger the Go to Market

A veritable outsourced Marketing & Communication Management team at your service

By combining leading consultancy professionals and industry experts, TOPS Consult putted together an outsourced Development and Marketing management team to help industrial businesses, service companies, startups and major groups grow.

Examples of areas of focus:

  • Defining your strategic positioning
  • Studying your markets and their trends
  • Splitting up your markets and target sectors with potential
  • Differentiating and structuring your offer
  • Building and implementing your ”Go to Market” roadmap
  • Defining your brand’s platform and your company’s “storytelling” strategy
  • Supporting and training your employees
  • Implementing or speeding up your innovation processes
  • Moving from Innovation to the Go to Market
  • Actually implementing digital transformation
  • Enhancing your data thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The benefits for your company?

  • Standing out in the market by being innovative and making offers with a high added value
  • Saving time by speeding up high-stakes projects
  • Having a global and pragmatic vision
  • Having temporary access to high levels of expertise and experience
  • Having competent operational resources directly available
An hand-on approach led by digital marketing professionals (e.g. a Chief Digital Officer owns relevant feedback on Digital Transformation in Business), industry experts and specialists in data evaluation (Data Scientists/Artificial Intelligence)
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