Demand for quality, based on a rigorous code of conduct

TOPS Consult brings together under one roof the skills of high-level experts with real operational expertise across all sectors of industry and services, public authorities and consultancy. Our experts are carefully selected not just for their knowledge, but also for their professional ethics.

Commitment to confidentiality: a priority for TOPS Consult

Our experts and consultants strictly respect the confidentiality of the information they receive and provide. They do not discuss project information, whether it be the subject, the results or people involved.

A confidentiality and exclusivity contract between TOPS Consult and its experts is drafted for each project.

Ethics and respect for competitive stakes

To ensure he complies with a company’s needs in terms of competition, an expert is barred from taking part full-time or part-time, directly or indirectly, in any project for a competitor of the company for whom he is currently working, however briefly.

In addition, a TOPS Consult expert is never involved at the same time in two projects in two competing companies, even if the project focus is different in each case.

illustration-pdf-code-deontologique Our code of conduct
Download the PDF (350 Kb – In French only)